Sunday, May 14, 2017

Is it a competition or can we all just be fabulous!

Sometimes its easy to complain about how difficult being a mother is. When you haven't slept a full night in 4 years, your rational thinking can be at a minimum. Also the never ending Pinterest posts by moms who make magical kingdoms in their homes with sandwiches shaped like Disney princesses, can make the rest of us feel less than fabulous because many of us struggle sometimes just to keep our kids alive. Comparisons between moms start the minute we find out we are pregnant.

Things like:
1) How did you tell your husband?
2) She's one of those "cute" pregnant girls. Well I'm not. I'm just one of those giant ones?
3) She is carrying high. She is carrying low.
4) Is she going to breast feed or bottle feed.............and ON and ON it goes.

Ladies....ALL of us mothers are absolutely fabulous. Our decisions are our own and I beg of you to stop the comparisons and celebrate each of us for the unique qualities we bring to mother hood and the valuable lessons we teach each other.

We can GROW humans. Do you know how insane that is? We don't even have to think about it, our bodies just do it automatically! We might not look or feel the same after doing this, but that's ok. An "insane ability" outranks "looking good" every time! Whenever I feel down about my buddha belly and tiger strips I think "WOW. This body figured out how to grow 2 hearts, 20 fingers, 20 toes and 2 "you-know-what's" (I have 2 boys..need I say more). Amazing.

Navigating through this life is hard and when they say it takes a village they sure mean it. Women provide so much support for each other and if we could stop comparing ourselves and just learn from each other this world would be such an awesome place.

Today I raise my glass to all the women in my life and all the women I haven't met yet. You guys are awesome and thank you for being a part of my village. I challenge all of you to sit down and truly think about each of the women in your life and the lessons they have taught you. Its so refreshing to see that each person has their unique quality that contributes to my life and my kids lives. Cheers!

Some have passed; Most are present; 
ALL have touched me and helped me to develop into the woman and mother I am. 

"Always Look on the Good Side of Life". Nothing could break Gram's spirit. When they say "Go with the Flow" they were talking about Grams. Like Gram's I have a happy household of boys and a dog and I like to think she funnels her wisdom to me as I go along through life. My little family is very similar to hers; however, if my children put a snake on my front and back doorsteps like my dad and uncle did.....I will not be nearly as GO WITH THE FLOW as grams was.
Yes children that is your warning. Don't even try it.

There are very few people in this world that work as hard as my grandma. When I picture her it almost always includes pant legs rolled up, curlers in her hair with a rag scrubbing something till it's spick and span. Her strength is something I will always cherish and draw from.

Music....card making....quilting...decorating. Mom's right brain is so much bigger than most people's. I tend to be Left brain dominant, which I got from my dad, but lately I have been trying to tap into my right brain and further develop the qualities from my mom that I appreciate so much. So friends you can expect some home made gifts coming to you over the next few years. They may not be square and perfect, but they will be made with love (and you can thank my mom for them) :)

Whether it's going trampolining for birthday outings or Skydiving, I hope that I can be as adventurist as my dear mother-in-law! Being I'm an anxious nelly it can take a lot to get me to do adventurous things, but I have a feeling as the years go by Lois will convince me to do them. I look forward to the all the things I'm going to experience that I would have missed out if I didn't have her in my life.

Renee is basically me born 3 years earlier. We buy the same clothes, even when we aren't shopping together. We have the same thoughts and feelings. Our laughs sound the same. All I can say is that I don't believe it is only twins that have ESP. I'm pretty sure my sister and I have this and I think she is my soulmate. I value everything about her and I don't need to say anymore because since we have ESP she already knows that I think she's the coolest. 

From Crossfit to renovations, I love seeing how when she gets her mind set on something nothing stops her. Since Dani has entered my life, I have learnt that my only constraints are the ones that I put on myself. More than once she has inspired me to take on things that I wouldn't normal even think were possible. Like the Regina half marathon. Dani you rock :)

Her desserts and sangrias are nothing short of heaven. She knows everyone and somehow has connections all over the city to make girls night out fabulous. Carmen puts the F in fun. There are very few people that can get a party rocking the way Carms can. More than once I have come to tears laughing so hard with our heart to hearts over wine. So happy to call this lady my sister. 
 Put your pants on!

When I hear Myrna laugh, it feels like I'm transported back to the days of my youth. Going through all the same stages of life together is such a comfort to me. Having someone to call and talk about kids or school or books or TV. Having the ability to support each other through life is such a gift and bonds us together forever.  

Honestly my oldest memories of Kyla was how every time we went to Shellbrook she would orchestrate the cousin group to pool our money to buy grandma flowers. Over the years, I have gotten closer and closer to this lovely lady and cherish her to the bone. Any gift or card or conversation reminds me that there are people in my life who truly know and understand me.
Everything Kyla does she does with all her heart and I love that.   

These are simply the women that I'm related to. My lists could go on and on forever, but my fingers are tired and I need to go hang out with my kids and hubby. Cheers to you all.
You are amazing mothers and I wouldn't be the person I am today without your influence.
Happy mothers day :) 

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